Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bear Lake, Horse manure, Hospitals and Halloween!

We are not very good about posting regularly, so here is me playing catch up. The month of October was busy, on top of full days of teaching school (Amy) and going to school (Michael) we had a eventful month.
The first part of October my Grandma became ill and was admitted to the hospital. She had a pacemaker put in a few days later but there were complications with the surgery. My grandma spent the next week in the ICU and a few more weeks in the hospital. By the end of October she was stable enough to move to a rehabilitation facility for therapy to build her strength back. She worked hard and was able to come home November 19th. We are so grateful that she is home and doing well. I know that prayers are answered and we are able to receive comfort during times of need.
"Kirby and Me"
Mid October Michael and I took a trip to the Bear Lake Cabin. It was time to close up for the winter. It was a little cold, but it was a quiet, perfect getaway. We winterized the house, relaxed and played with Kirby. I thought that Kirby was ready for some off leash play time, boy was I wrong. The second I took him off the leash he took off into the field behind the house. After wrangling the horses, and scaring them into a huddle he rolled in horse manure. Michael was furious at me and the dog so Kirby and I spent the next hour in the bathroom getting him clean. I then spent another hour cleaning and sanitizing. We will do more training and stay away from horses before I take him off leash again. If you have ever read the book Marley and Me, it could probably be about our adventures with this cute dog we call Kirby.
We had some fun parties during Halloween. Michael's grandparents through an annual bash and this year we dressed up. Michael went dressed as a ref and I was dressed as Waldo from the Where's Waldo books. It was a fun costume because I just stood all over the house behind people and in groups of people and waited for someone to find me. Kirby did not dress up because he is a dog, not a person. We also carved pumpkins my pumpkin was Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba, and Michael's pumpkin was sick, really it was sick, think of pumpkin insides and use your imagination. I had a chance to go to my Grandparents on Halloween day, my Grandparents have made homemade donuts on Halloween for many years and this was the last year. I went and cooked and glazed donuts, what a sad tradition to be ending, but it was time.
That is October in a nutshell. We are going to be better about posting, or at least we will try.

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