Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kirby vs. Melted Wax

Kirby - 0 Wax - 1

December 7:
Kirby the "2 year old" managed to knock the candle warmer off of the microwave and cover himself with red wax. (My mom told us it was okay because he looked festive) No he was not hurt, he was so shaggy that it just got all over his fur. After some research on the internet, and yes other people had asked the question "How do you get candle wax out of dog fur?" (that made us feel a little better) After two hours of baby oil, hair dryer, blotting and a few baths we decided to sacrifice his warmth and cut the wax covered hair off. So here is the before and after pictures of our adorable pup. For those of you who wonder why we don't have children, I argue that we do.

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Aislinn said...

I've never seen wax on a dog - but he is festive!! All he needs is some antlers! Just chalk it up to a new wrinkle in your brain (for when you do have kids)