Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hooray, a new post!

We are still not very good at updating our blog regularly.

December: Christmas was great. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, we got a..... wait for it...wait for it.... a dishwasher!!!!! Anyone who know me knows how I detest doing the dishes, and so does Michael. It is amazing what a dishwasher has done for our marriage, seriously no more nagging each other about who's turn it is, or being forced to wash when you need a spoon to eat your cereal. It is heaven sent. The rest of Christmas was spent making the rounds to see our families, the blessing and the curse of having all of our family so close by is we have a busy holiday.
January: We have been busy with me going back to work and Michael starting a new semester. I am still loving teaching even though I have a class of 28, ugggghhh! Michael is taking a few social work classes at SLCC and of course enjoying them. We have finally got all of Christmas put away, it always takes us a while. We also have new years resolutions to go to the gym, Michael is by far better then I am, but we will keep it up and have a healthier 2009. Have a happy January everyone. We are sure lucky to have such great friends and family who support and love us, and we love you all too.


Aislinn said...

Yeah - a new post! I was wondering if you fell off of the bandwagon and we needed to back up and get you again!! Yeah for dishwashers too! I love em'!
Yeah for classes at SLCC and yeah for 09' resolutions - good luck!!
love ya!

Dagny Marie Kelsey said...

I'm jealous of the dishwasher!

Daniel Hunter said...

Hooooooray!! I vote for another new post soon :) :) :)